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Carin Bratlie Wethern

Carin's Bespoke Handknits
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Dauphin, I am by birth a shepherd's daughter, My wit untrained in any kind of art. Heaven and our Lady gracious hath it pleased To shine on my contemptible estate: Lo, whilst I waited on my tender lambs, And to sun's parching heat displayed my cheeks, God's mother deigned to appear to me And in a vision full of majesty Willed me to leave my base vocation And free my country from calamity: Her aid she promised and assured success: In complete glory she revealed herself; And, whereas I was black and swart before, With those clear rays which she infused on me That beauty am I blessed with which you see. Ask me what question thou canst possible, And I will answer unpremeditated: My courage try by combat, if thou darest, And thou shalt find that I exceed my sex. Resolve on this, thou shalt be fortunate, If thou receive me for thy warlike mate. Joan La Pucelle Henry VI, pt 1. Act 1, Scene 2.